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“Ich kann nur sagen – wow.”

Big Cheese Magazine – Oct 2012

“Blistering Dutch duo unleash the noise”
“Post-Historic is something of an enigma; a real amalgam of indie, rock, hardcore and postrock, yet it fully fits – and deserves – its classy title.”


Rock Sound – Sept 2012

“It’s a great piece of work, which never compromises to 1 style.”


“Most impressive is the wonderfully atmospheric soundscapes they manage to attain with just guitar and drums and, likewise, the level of energy and intensity when they heavy it up. And the audience seem to love ’em judging by the loud cheers and applause they receive. It’s certainly deserved. (…)Transcending any obvious categorisation, their tunes span a diverse spectrum from post-rock ambient melancholy right through to bursts of riff-heavy aggressive mania and everything in-between.(………….), Death Letters’ real strength is in their adept songwriting and its execution in a live context which makes the most of their minimal set-up.”

Über Rock

Shout4Music – Sept 2012

“Unbelievably, the righteous racket created by Dutch post-rockers Death Letters is the product of just two people; singer/guitarist Duende Ariza Lora and drummer Victor Brandt have, with the help of former Dandy Warhols and …Trail of Dead producer Chris Smith, created a sophomore album of blistering power yet restrained aggression that deserves to enjoy a long future as a classic of the genre.” 9/10



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